Slabway Foot Massager Reviews – Deeply Relaxing Massage No More Chronic Pain, Foot Pain, and Other Body Pain

Slabway Reviews

”Subway is a website that sells massage chairs and other massage tools for people having chronic back pain, foot pain and other body pain.”


There is nothing quite like having a deeply relaxing massage after a long tiring day. Imagine having a 24/7 available masseuse from the comfort of your home. That’s what massage chairs are all about.

Massage chairs are a long term investment because they are usually expensive. On top of that, the massage equipment is bulky so it is gonna take up some space in your house. is a website that sells different massage equipment, and these days they have some great Black Friday sales going on too.

If you want to buy from this Website, read this Slabway review to find out all about them.

What Is Selling?

Nowadays, people are spending more and more time on laptops, tablets, and desktops. Our lifestyle is becoming Digital, thanks to the Covid-19 and work from the home regime.

This lifestyle has some drawbacks like back pain, shoulder, and neck pain, due to the awkward postures. is an e-commerce website selling massage equipment like Full Body Massage chairs, Foot Massagers, Shoulder, Neck, back massager, and Luxury Foot spa.

The Website looks pretty professional, and we really like the neat and clean design of Slabway. The Products are priced quite reasonably, and they are running some awesome Black Friday deals, which makes the prices even more affordable.

Is Legit?

So now the million-dollar questions: is legit? Well, from all the digging that we did, it seems that this Website is authentic. There are many reasons we make this claim.

First of all, the mentioned address, ”858 S Automall Drive American Fork, UT 84003” is a legit address according to Google Maps.

The About us page also looks personal and not something that is copied from the internet. It has its own brand voice, which is crucial if you are selling stuff on the internet.

Moreover, the Website was established 3 years ago, and it is not like those scam sites with no authority. Many of the products from Slabway are listed on with great reviews. That also puts our minds at ease.

There is a blog section on the Website that provides useful information. No scam website will go to this length to give value to their customers.

Is There Any Social Media Presence?

Social media presence is crucial for any e-commerce website to scale their business and prove their authenticity. Slabway has an active Facebook page with some 11k likes.

The review section is also available so you can freely review the Product after use. This tells us that Slabway is not a scam site but a successful brand.


  • The Website is 3 years old.
  • Alexa Ranking is High
  • Valid SSL certificate found
  • The legit payment method with money back service
  • Professional website design
  • Social media presence


  • Owner identity is hidden.
  • Mixed customer reviews

What Are People Saying About

You can find Slabway reviews on the Website, where you find a separate page from the name of reviews. But of course, we can’t entirely trust the brand, so we did some deep digging and found out that there are many good and some Bad about slabway products. Here is a snippet:

Debbie J Peterson says:

”Mine came today, and I work at home, so I am in my office getting my feet massaged. I am happy with my purchase.”

Ollie Spell says:

”Product doesn’t help with feet. I have been trying for over a month now to get a refund.”

As you can clearly see, there are some mixed reviews about Slabway products. We also noticed that they have stuff available on different platforms, so you better do research before making the purchase.

Wrap Up

Massages have numerous health benefits, and one should try getting massages regularly to improve overall health. So if you are looking for massage chairs, Slabway is definitely worth checking out, they have legit customer service, and the Website is old enough not to be considered a scam.

Do share your Slabway reviews in the comment section if you have used this Website or any of the products.

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