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Specimen Vitals Among Us

Among Us, to catch the impostor, vital items can be really important. Only find out how.

We all have a certain impostor in our midst, right? Until a circumstance occurs and they reveal their true colours, it is never easy to identify them. In the American Among Us game, there’s a similar scenario, but Specimen Vitals Among Us has found a solution for you.

Now, in order to capture the imposter, you won’t have to wait for the right moment. And before he does any damage to you or your crewmates, you will spot him.

To learn how you can catch the impostor and be the game champion, read this article further.

What is Among Us?

It’s a multiplayer online deduction game, where players try to uncover the secret role of each other and team loyalty. It can be played by four to ten people. You know, either with people, or the game is going to help you communicate with strangers.

You board a starship, planet base, or sky headquarters in the game, trying to secure it and safely reach back to Earth. The twist is that one of the members of your team is replaced by a moving alien. That’s where you will be supported by Specimen Vitals Among Usguidance.

Aim of the Alien

Before it reaches back to earth safely, the alien attempts to remove the entire crew. Like anyone else, the alien will look and sneak through the vents, decieve the players, and sabotage the ship.

In addition, the imposter can also frame other players and trick them into staying and killing the crew.

Responsibility of Other Crew Members

It is the duty of non-alien members to preserve the ship, not to speak until death has been confirmed.

The crew members will debate among themselves after a death has been confirmed and vote to throw a member out of the ship. If the alien is thrown out, then the whole team wins, but if the innocent one is thrown out, everyone gets back to work.

Similarly, they will not speak until another death is registered.

What is Specimen Vitals Among Us?

When a player enters the game, one of the following three items is displayed on the screen with his vitals:

  • “OK”- indicates that the player is still alive.
  • DEAD”- indicating that since the last emergency meeting the player has been killed and has not disconnected from the game.” That implies that his body can still be found and can be recorded on the ship.
  • D/C”- means that the body of the player does not exist on the ship or has been separated from the game.”

With the exception of the impostor, each crew member has identical vitals, but you need to have a keen eye to find out.

Specimen Vitals Among Us found that when he’s near a crewmate, the vitality of the impostor shifts. When he has just killed a crewmate, Impostor’s heartbeat dramatically changes.

Wrap Up

It’s an exciting and exciting game for us. It gained attention in 2020 and has been struggling ever since. It has no age barrier, and it can be enjoyed by anyone who’s up for a mysterious match.

To save yourself and your ship, search for the vitals to capture the impostor.

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