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Sporkout Reviews

‘’Sporkout is a fitness store with vast variety of exercise machines along with vacuum cleaner’s and Nintendo switch. Read out detailed Sporkout reviews before buying.’’

About Sporkout

Staying fit and healthy should be your top priority. Our lifestyle is sedentary and with pandemic many people are stuck inside, which eventually contributes to weight gain and other health problems.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to buy some fitness equipment like a treadmill, rowing machine, exercise bikes, weight benches, and other exercise equipment types, Sporkout is an all-in-one fitness store.

People love buying all kinds of stuff from their homes. Getting a fitness machine delivered to your house is pretty convenient. So if you are thinking of buying from Sporkout, we came up with in-depth Sporkout reviews to help you make an informed decision.

What is Sporkout?

Sporkout is an e-commerce store based in London, the UK, that provides a wide range of fitness and gym equipment. Apart from exercise tools, it also stocks smartwatches, Vacuum cleaners, and Nintendo Switch. So if you require these gadgets, you can check out Sporkout.co.uk

The website supports secured payments via American Express, Visa card, Stripe, and Master Card. The working hours are Mon-Fri 8 Am to 5 Pm.

Is Sporkout Legit?

It is never late to start your fitness routine, and 2021 is an excellent time to take a new start. Online scam is on the rise these days, so it is natural to be apprehensive about Sporkout reputation. So if you are doubtful about this site and thinking if Sporkout is legit or not? We have an answer for you.

Sporkout is not a legit store, and there are many reasons we are claiming this. The website design looks professional, and you might feel like giving it a chance, but you should stop right there.

The website has some pretty bad reviews on Trust Pilot. People are not happy with their customer service as they haven’t received the order in months. Moreover, prices are lower than other sites. Gym equipment is usually expensive, so that is a red flag.

Let explore in detail why this website is not recommended.

Any Social Media Presence?

Social media presence for a business is a driving force these days. It is also a critical factor to decide whether the brand is legitimate or not? Sporkout has integrated Social buttons of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest on their site.

But nothing happens when you click on those buttons. You are simply redirected to the main website page. This means Sporkout is not present on any social media platform and is fooling people.

Is The Address Is Legit?

Sporkout listed an address on the website: 26 Clapton Common LONDON E5 9BA, UK. As expected, a quick Google maps search told us that this is a fake address. The address belongs to a Jewish Synagogue in London. Having a fake address on the website is a significant Scam Alert.

Any Owner Information?

As expected, this website does not share information about the owner. Even more impressive is the fact that they do not have an about us page.

Hiding owner information makes a business untrustworthy because you are not honest with your customers. We recommend staying away from sites that are hiding behind digital screens.

New Website

Sporkout is a new website registered on 2020-11-16 for only one year. The domain is barely a month old, and we all know that a site must be at least 6 months old to be trustable. This is a new site, so we do not recommend shopping from Sporkout.co.uk.


  • Wide range of Gym equipment
  • Secure payment method
  • 48-hour delivery option is available
  • Smartwatches, vacuum cleaners, and Nintendo switch also available


  • Using a fake address
  • No social media presence
  • Owner information is hidden
  • Suspiciously low prices
  • No PayPal option available
  • New site
  • Negative reviews

User Reviews About Sporkout

User reviews tell us about other customer’s experiences with the same site, so it is imperative to read user reviews before buying from a news site. We found some Sporkout reviews on Trust Pilot, and their trust score is very low.

Here is what a customer had to share:

‘’SCAM site. Previous trading as fitness next. They will take your money, but you won’t receive the goods.”

There are multiple other negative reviews on Trust pilot.

Wrap Up

We hope our review prove to be helpful for you. We do not recommend this site as it has many red flags. If you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money, it’s best to steer clear of Sporkout.

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