Reviews – (Worth To Buy Gaming Items) or Scam Website? Reviews

‘ is a website offering retro inspires PS5 console to the gaming freaks. If you have been hunting for PS5 for a long, Read our reviews first.”


Gaming freaks will leave no stone unturned to find their favorite gadget. When Sony released PS5, and many gamers couldn’t get their hands on the coveted play station, their disappointment was evident.

So if you are one of those folks who are disappointed with Sony because you could not get PS5 even after waiting for months, Sup3r5 might be the answer to your prayers.

Sup3r5 is an unofficial retailer that is offering customized PS5 to gamers. The website is generating quite a buzz because PS5 fans are looking forward to adding PS5 to their gaming arsenal finally.

So if you also came across the Sup3r5 deal and wondering whether it is legit or not? We are here with Sup3r5 reviews to help our gaming buddies out.

What is

It looks like Sup3r5 makes the gamer’s wish come true by introducing the first retro-inspired Black PS5 console and Dual sense controller. Supr35 is not affiliated with Sony in any case. They are just handling the intense make-over of PS5, which is inspired by the previous PS2, a best-selling PS historically.

The Black retro design is actually a tribute to PS2, which sold 155 million worldwide back in the day.

PS5 has released 5 million sales since its launch, but it is still out of stock on most sites. So Sup3r5 came up with a solution, and they decided to sell a PS5 console and dual sense controller separately.

The sale will go live on Jan 8, 2021, at 3 PM EST. the items will be shipped in late spring of 2021. If you are thinking to get your hands on the black PS5, you might want to hurry as only 304 item pieces are up for grabs.

Is Legit?

Sup3r5 is not an official seller. In fact, it is a totally new site, so it’s a pretty risky business. Sony does not endorse it, and there is a possibility that Sony might seek a ban on their product being sold by a third party.

They have done so previously. Other than that, it is a Sup3r5 is an unknown site, and is yet to deliver any order, so we don’t have any idea whether it’s legit or not. It’s better to stay away from sites that have no track record.

What about a Warranty?

Since the console is not endorsed by Sony official, there is a problem with the warranty. According to Sup3r5, the dual sense controller is disassembled for the retro-inspired version so that Sony won’t provide any kind of warranty. Consoles are not disassembled, so there won’t be any problem regarding warranty as per Sup3r5.


  • Black retro-inspired look
  • Ships internationally
  • Warranty available for Sony Consoles
  • Gamers can quickly get PS5 now.


  • Brand new site
  • Unofficial vendors
  • More expensive than an original PS5 console
  • No warranty for Dual sense controller
  • Domain registered only 6 days before

User Reviews

Twitter is paying attention to Sup3r5, and it’s got some 3k followers on its Twitter handles. There are obviously no user reviews as this site hasn’t even made a single sale yet.

They will start selling from 8 January, but customers won’t receive their package till late spring. Purchasing from this site is a significant risk since the prices are also high compared to the original PS5.

Final Word

Sup3r5 accepts all sorts of credit cards and PayPal. They are also providing international shipping, so that’s good news for international gamers.

However, we do not recommend purchasing from this site since it has no reviews. The product is expensive, and you might get scammed. It is better to wait and buy your favorite PS5 from Sonny’s official site.

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