Taukem.com Review – Safe to Buy Kayaks? or It is a Scam Website?

Taukem.com Reviews

Taukem.com is an online shopping website which is specifically dealing with Kayaks and related items. For youngsters Kayaks are loving sports that are the way of joyfulness in summer.

Taukem.com is aiming that, they want to help people to easily purchase online Kayaks and related items in the epidemic situation (COVID 19). Because of this ( COVID 19) people getting bore and frustrated that is why Taukem.com suggests the way to get out the people from this panic situation. In this way they can change their mind so, Taukem.com is delighted to serve their customers.

Product specification and Contact Info

  1. Products: kayaks
  2. Contact Number: No Contact number is mentioned on the site.
  3. Payment Gateway: User can only be made via PayPal
  4. Shipping/processing time: 5 to 9 in business days
  5. Delivery time: 3 days to10 business days
  6. Shipping fee: There is no shipping fee or charges on all kinds of Kayaks.
  7. Return after Purchase: Within 14 days after the receipt of the user wants to return.
  8. Exchange: Are not provided by the site.
  9. Refunds: It can be possible after the returns have been inspected.
  10. Website: https://taukem.com/
  11. Email Address: [email protected]


  • Is a way of joyfulness that people can enjoy the summer.
  • Cheap and affordable prices that users can easily buy this from this site.
  • There are no shipping charges.
  • Can be returned if you are not satisfied with the product.


  • It may be a fraud or scam website because proper information is not mentioned.
  • Too much cheap amount may cause lower quality.
  • Newly built sites so users can not trust such sites unless they prove that site and business are authentic
  • Technical points are not in favor that site and business are genuine.

Is Taukem Scam or Legit?

Though Taukem.com is a newly originated website which physically situated and operated in the USA. But certain points are not in favor that should suggest the customers buy Kayaks from Taukem.com website.Taukem.com did not show their store address and contact information on its website this is doubtful and we

We Can not surely say that it has physical existence in the USA or not, because the owner’s name is Xinchen which shows that the owner is chines also did not show any address or location on the site.

Another point is that Taukem.com shows on this website link Xinchen.com (about us) rather than Taukem.com. This shows that their site is fraud or scam, is it so or not? If you say no its authentic or genuine website then technically they should use their website name on contact info rather than the other one.

And the most surprising fact is that they are selling Kayaks are the too much lesser amount which is shocking for all of us. While if we analyze the other online shopping store or companies like Amazon, e-bay, Daraz, Alibaba and many other online stores and companies are selling an extensive variety of products on their sites. All the authentic and reputed online stores and companies are also selling Kayaks and related items but no one of them is selling Kayaks are less than $200, but Taukem.com is selling the same kayaks are less than 50% of the original price. I am not sure but if they are selling such kayaks less than $100 then might be possible they are selling a cheap or low-quality product.

There is no review of any customer that I have seen over there website (Taukem.com) nor any other related site has been shown that users are delighted or disappoint to use a product that they purchase from Taukem.com.

They are dealing only in Paypal while all the legit sites that are involving in online selling have many payment gateway Amazon payments, We pay, Authorize.net, 2chekout, Dwolla, and much other payment gateway are used to facilitate their use. No doubt, Paypal is one of the authentic payment gateways but users may face many complexities to return their money so, the only option of Pay pal is to quit suspicious and signs of manipulations.

Did not have seen any advertisement related to Taukem.com except his website. Is it possible that you want to sell online your product and you don’t need to advertise your product? So what you guys think about it? I am sure you guys will not try this unless you are dam is sure about it.

Final Verdict

After keenly search about Taukem Website and read a review of other sites, Taukem is not a legit site and I will recommend to the user that do not buy Kayaks and related products from this site(Taukem.com) because it might be a scam and certain technical points highlight above for this purpose user can easily understand that they should take a risk or avoid to purchase kayaks from this website. A wise person will save his money rather than take risks to become a fool.  

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