Teeter Freestep Reviews – (Is It Perfect For Your Body?) 5 Stars

Teeter Freestep Reviews

With the passage of time as you become older, it becomes compulsory for you to do a routine exercise. But as you get older it becomes a complicated task to move your body. keeping in mind problems modern thinkers provides a modern solution.

They introduce a recumbent bike for your help. These are very effective and relatively less effective for your health. Teeter Freestep is one of the best recumbent bikes of this era.

What is Teeter Freestep?

Teeter Freestep is basically equipment designed to provide you a whole-body workout without any side effects. It is basically a mixture of the recumbent bike and an elliptical machine which helps you to provide an easy workout without making a heavy burden on your joints.

  • It consists of two parts, handles placed on the upside are designed to do an upper body workout while footplates are placed for lower body workout. The comfort level of the seat is designed the same as that of a recumbent bike.
  • Its movement is designed in this manner that there is no chance accidentally or through using any bad technique as it takes the pressure off your knees and the lower back of the user is also well settled.
  • It’s an ideal machine for a person having mobility issues, and people who need to build up strength in their body.

What do I like about Teeter Freestep?

As through its launch till now there are a lot of things which are needs to be described in a review. There are some more things which I like about the Teeter Freestep recumbent trainer.

Focused Targeting:

Using Freestep recumbent machine we can also focus on our single target. Like we can simply isolate to build up our triceps, bicep, and back lower muscles.

Patented stride:

In simple elliptical machines, there are various techniques that do not lead to the perfect movement. While Teeter free step recumbent technology is closer to the natural movement of muscles which in results provides a stress-free work to joints and knee.

Full-Body workout:

As we know Teeter Freestep machine is designed in the manner that it can target every small part of a muscle. It can handle every kind of workout which makes it named a Full-body workout free step recumbent machine.


The detecting device powered by a battery is attached to a machine. The main of this device is to track a consumer’s usage time, distance traveled, speed of movement, and the total amount of calories burnt. This feature is very amazing and attention-grabbing for those who cannot afford an individual tracker for a site.

Specifications Of Teeter Freestep

  • Assembled dimension of product: 53L * 37W * 52H inches.
  • Stride is basically an equal up to 33cm. (13”).
  • The resistance of the Teeter Freestep is manual magnetic having a total of 8 levels for users.
  • It can lift up about a maximum of 135kg (300lb’s).
  • Have Two types of warranty depending on cost. 1 is yearly and the second one is of 2 years.
  • Its part has a warranty of 8 months.

Assembly and Maintenance

The internal mechanism of the machine is already assembled when you get it, many of its other parts are also pre-assembled. The parts which we have to assemble are listed below:

  • Base stabilizer
  • The Pedal
  • The seat
  • The backrest
  • The support of a front bar for console purpose
  • The moving handlebars

The process of assembly may task an hour or more than it, but it is not much complicated as a manual inside a machine box provides a step-by-step guide to assemble every single part. While every tool required for the assembling is included.

Maintenance of the machine is not too much serious; all you need to do is to take off the sweat every time you have done an exercise. Also, you need to tighten up the screws and bolts every week which is used to assemble the machine.


  • It consists of a durable frame that can lift Up to 300 lbs.
  • Uses an adjustable stabilizer.
  • It contains both mobile as well as stationary handlebars.
  • A user can reclaim back-lift with three different modes.
  • Consists of a large pedal that helps in the positioning of a consumer’s feet.
  • Very easy to assemble.


  • The main back draw of the teeter freestep recumbent bike is that the resistance level of a knob is not marked.
  • It does not provide any pulse reading function.
  • It is not designed to do exercise on high intensity.

Final Verdict

The Teeter freestep is a recumbent bike with a feature of a manual magnetic system of resistance and got a sturdy frame. The seat positions can also be adjusted according to the comforts of the customer. So if you are getting older and need to do light exercise daily without getting joint pain, I hope this is the best thing for you.

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