The Best Router for Extensive Wi-Fi coverage – Read This First!

The Best Router for Extensive Wi-Fi coverage

Internet access within our households is affected by quite a lot of things. Some of these may surprise you, but in fact, they block the passage of Wi-Fi signals. Drywalls, furniture, glass, concrete walls, and plywood are the average household materials that do block signals, to name a few. It may also be attributable to Bluetooth signals or even to the internet connection of your neighbor.

There are several variables, but you also have ways to expand the Wi-Fi signals deeper into your living room. Here are some great routers that can be built to provide wider internet access coverage in your home, so you can optimize your internet connection usage.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router & Point

The Google Nest Wi-Fi Router will cover your entire home with strong internet connectivity as a lightweight, sound device. One router is enough to connect every single device in your house and you can easily connect up to 200 devices when combined with the Google Nest Wi-Fi Point!

An area of 2200 square feet covers the Nest Router alone, and you can easily cover a huge area of 3800 square feet with the Nest Point. Regardless, minimize the issue of buffering and communication problems around your home with this gadget or both; walk from one room to the other without any signal interruptions.

Via the Google Home App, the router and point can also be regulated, meaning users can also prevent those devices from accessing the internet connection, which would be ideal when it comes to parental control. The Nest Point also works as a Google Assistant speaker, so yes, it’s also essentially a Voice Assistant. Not only are consumers able to enjoy a smooth Internet connection, but they can also use a home voice assistant.

Google Wi-Fi Router

Bear in mind that there are two separate router models, the Google Wi-Fi Router and the Google Nest Wi-Fi Router. Compared to the Nest Router, this one has a few less features, but it still works well.

The Google Wi-Fi Router can cover an area of up to 1500 square feet, while up to 4500 square feet can be protected by a three-pack, where each unit can be mounted in an entire part of the house but still emit absolute, powerful Wi-Fi signals.

Linksys Velop

Intelligent mesh technology is used by the Linksys Velop, which is capable of providing ultra-fast, uninterrupted internet access covering an area of around 2000 square feet. The node is capable of linking many devices at a time.

One nice advantage is that the Linksys Velop has 3 nodes when purchased in a three-pack, each of which can be set up in a different part of the house. Now, if one node is unplugged unintentionally, the other two work together to take up the slack, so you don’t notice the difference in the house’s internet connectivity.

Alexa-based voice command was also added by Linksys, and that is exactly what you’re thinking. The Linksys Velop is compatible with Alexa, which implies that the device is not required. Alexa features your Router Node. It makes it more convenient for consumers to concurrently have an intelligent router along with a Home Assistant.

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned routers are considered to be some of the smartest and greatest routers that one may have at home. Not only can they cover a very wide area, which may theoretically include your backyard all the way to the back fence, but voice assistants also feature Google Nest Point and Linksys Velop. If you get comfort and nice features, why don’t you want to invest in one of these for your home?

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