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Do you like watching series in your free time? Have you watched The Most Hated-Man on the Internet? This series is a new Netflix documentary film based on real events. Many viewers from UK, USA, India and Netherlands have already watched it. If you want to know more about this documentary film, please follow the article about the most hated man on the Internet Imdb very carefully. So, keep reading until the last word.

Story Behind Documentary Film:

In 2010, a 24-year-old Sacramento native named Hunter Moore set up a website called Is Anyone where he posted nude photos and personal information of several people. Hunter Moore did this disgusting act without the consent of these people. Because of his work, Hunter Moore has become a god-like figure on the Internet. But he referred to himself as a “career destroyer”.

The new Netflix documentary shows Hunter Moore got the wrong victim this time. In the online movie Most Hated Man, Hunter Moore is shown to have already destroyed many lives, but this time Charlotte Laws (the victim’s mother) decides to punish him for all the wrongdoings. The mountain of his terrible deeds collapsed in less than two years due to the Charlotte laws.

The documentary shows an interview with several women victims who have been traumatized by Is Anyone Up. Although in the movie, Is Anyone Up is portrayed not only as a website, but as a community as well. Hunter Moore fans constantly humiliate victims on social media and in real life.

What happened

Hunter Moore stated that his angry ex-friends of the victims sent all those photos he posted on the site. But when he posted pictures of waitress and actress Kayla Lowe, that was the beginning of the end of his website, according to the Netflix documentary.

Kayla Law told her mother, Charlotte Luz, that she never sent these pictures to anyone, except that she emailed the pictures herself. Charlotte Luz believed her daughter, and she began to collect all the information about this. To find out what happened next, keep reading the Internet’s most hated Imdb article.

It gathered evidence from more than forty victims, all of whom stated that they had not sent any photos to anyone. This means that all of their photos were leaked due to an email hack. In the Netflix documentary, Charlotte shared all the information with the FBI and charged and arrested Hunter Moore.


In November 2015, Hunter Moore was convicted and sentenced to two years and six months in prison. He also paid a $2,000 fine. If you want more information about Hunter Moore, click here-. You will be surprised to know that IMDB ranks the most hated man on the Internet at seven.

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