Torneo Flash Fortnite – (How To Get Flash Skin Free?) Read This

Torneo Flash Fortnite

Would you like to hear about a case at the Flash Cup? Then, read the write-up below, please.

Are you a Fortnite fan? In this game, you must then be aware of the Flash skins available, and the potential players want to get them at any cost. But here’s something that will carry you to cloud seven and make you feel too good for free as many people like it, and it’s time to make all of your wishes come true.

To get the skins, the folks from Worldwide want to play in the Flash cup. Here, we share all the specifics of the skins and how to catch them.

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What Epic Games announced a Day Before about Torneo Flash Fortnite?

Simply put, Epic Games has announced that it will organize the Fortnite Flash Cup. As we all know, it’s a Fortnite Battle Royale based tournament, where if you are the first to get into the shop, we can get access to all Flash skins at zero cost.

Here, under Pass Fight of Chapter Two, we will dive into the event well and show all the stuff a player should know before becoming a Season five participant.

How to get flash skin for free in Torneo Flash Fortnite?

We need to participate in the Flash Cup event to receive these new flash skins at zero cost from DC Comics under Fortnite Battle Royale. The event will begin on February 10, 2021, and you can take a look at all the rules on Epic Games’ official web platform.

Prior to entering the shop, the best teams will have opportunities to catch the free flash skin.

Various Arena Modes

The competitive side of the event includes three separate leagues that are further divided into ten other divisions to get Fortniteth Torneo Flash that we have given below:

Open League:

  • Division I varies between 0 and 249 High Points.
  • Division II ranges from 250 High Points to 499.
  • Division III varies between 500 and 999 High Points.
  • Division IV is between High 1000 and High 1499.


  • Division I is between High 1500 and High 2499.
  • Division II is between High 2500 and High 3999.
  • Division III is between High 4000 and High 5999.

Champions League:

  • Division I is between 6,000 and 11,99 in height.
  • Division II ranges from a maximum of 12,000 to 15,999.
  • Division III ranges from a maximum of up to 16,000.

Positions to Grab Skins

There are some positions we need to gain worldwide to get Torneo Flash Fortnite, which we have enlisted below:

  • In Europe, it is from the 1st to the 3500th.
  • The East Coast (US) is between the 1st and 1,750th.
  • The West Coast (US) is located between the 1st and 500th.
  • It lies from 1st and 500th in Brazil.
  • In Asia, it’s between the 1st and 250th.
  • It lies from 1st and 250th in Oceania.
  • It lies from 1st and 250th in the Middle East.

Wrap Up

If the players are unable to catch the position asper their geographical boundaries at the end of the event, then no worries, as the skins will be added to the store by 14 February 2021 (@1pm).

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