Touch Screen Purse Review – Is It Legit Let’s Check Out

Touch Screen Purse Reviews

Take your purse game up a notch with Touch Screen purse by Lori Greiner. This innovative purse is designed in a way that you can easily use your mobile phone without touching it. The ”smart touch window” at the back of the purse enables you to use your cellphone within the purse.

In this technology-driven and post COVID world, most of us find ourselves glued to our mobiles. Having a smartphone has become an absolute necessity to manage your work and personal life efficiently.

Often you have your hands full (quite literally), and there’s just no room for your beloved smartphone. That is why having a Touch Screen purse is an absolute must for people with cellphones.

Imagine having a snack with the phone in hand? What a mess that would be? Sticky fingers, and the sticky screen is a big no-no.

Then there is the crucial issue of keeping your gadgets Germ free because of Coronavirus. Touch screen purse is a fabulous small bag that lets you carry your smartphone and use it too.

Curious how this miraculous product works? And what’s in it for you? Let’s find out in this touch screen purse review.

What Is Get Touch Screen Purse?

Carrying a touch screen purse can be life-changing as you can talk, surf, and type all without touching the phone. This type of purse is hugely convenient for ladies who are out and about most of the day.

Carrying your phone in hand all day can be dangerous as it is prone to a falling accident, which can be damaging for your beloved smartphone. No one wants a phone with a broken screen, right?

With the best touch screen purse, not only does your phone stay protected and safe inside the plastic cover, but you can also use it without taking it out of the bag.

Is It Legit?

The bane of online shopping is always this question; is it legit? From the looks of a touch screen purse, we can say that it is an exciting product. They have positive reviews, and the features they are offering are too useful for the price tag.

Features Of Touch Screen Purse

Touch screen purse This purse has a clear plastic window at the backside of the purse to put your phone. Place your phone in a way that screen is visible from the outside and is right next to the smart window. That way, your phone is easily accessible even when inside the purse. The touch screen purse is impressive because you can do anything you want with your phone, like talking on the phone, texting, or even browning the internet.

Clean and Germ free phone Mobile phones are ideal germs and bacteria carriers because they are the most used and exposed items when we are outside. We eat, sleep, and breathe with our phones, and amid a deadly pandemic, exposing your mobile phone to such things is a risk. With touch screen purse, keep your mobile phone clean and Germ-free. By getting a touch screen purse, you are actually prioritizing your and your family’s health.

Stylish and spacious Although it is not a full-fledged bag, it does have some room to store your essentials. It is a perfect purse to carry around while running errands or doing groceries and when you can’t carry a heavy bag. Easily carry your credit cards, keys, wallet, and smartphone while stepping out for an important work meeting or even while going to the gym.

Great variety, Great design Available in 15 different designs, this touch screen purse is a holy grail for a modern woman who seeks style and comfort all in one place. This crossbody bag is an ideal accessory to rock on any dress while keeping your essentials safe and secure.

Ideal for any smartphone The fact that this touch screen purse is ideal for any phone makes it worth every penny. It is one size fits all, so if you are an iPhone owner or an android lover, we have got you and your smart phone covered. (Fits phones that are 6.75” high and 4” wide)

Get 2 for the price of one Trust me; it doesn’t get any better than this! Yup, the cherry on the top is that you get another one free on the purchase of one purse! Gift it to your loved one or a dear friend to make their life more convenient.

Crossbody design This bag’s crossbody design is perfect to keep your smartphone closer to you, so it can’t be stolen. This bag’s design also protects your phone from getting misplaced or taking a fall, hence making your phone safer.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Ideal for women on the GO
  • Clean and Germ-free phone
  • RFID protection to keep credit cards safe
  • The clear window is water-resistant
  • Makes a perfect gift
  • Endorsed by Lori Greiner
  • Buy one get one free


  • Not a day-to-day purse to carry all your essentials
  • Color selection is not too glamorous
  • Texting from the purse is an issue for some people
  • Talking with a purse sounds awkward
  • Too small for anything major

Customer Reviews

The specs on the website always seem so alluring. The touchscreen purse is backed up by a shark tank and Lori Greiner, which certainly holds up a weight, but we cannot ignore real user reviews’ standing. Here are Touch Screen Purse reviews from real users:

Anne Tyndall says: ”It carries the bare essentials. It’s small enough that I can put it in my regular purse and then just pull it out when running quick errands, etc., and can leave my purse in the trunk of my car.”

Wrap Up

If you are a mom who is always on her toes and misplacing stuff or a workaholic attending meetings all day long, or even a girl who loves to go for a walk and take selfies- this purse is the best thing that can happen to you. Carry your smartphone with style and convenience now with Touch screen purse.

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