Transnacionales Que Invierten En Colombia


Transnacionales Que Invierten En Colombia

Does International Creature Invest in Coloma? 3

And its advantages or disadvantages

That’s a lot, you ask a lot:

Diamond Limited (United States) is dedicated to the exploration and export of carbon.

Benefits: Pays licenses to the state, creates work units and makes social investments in the communities where the company is located.

Weaknesses: Psychiatrists have so far complained about the excellent pollution of marine ecosystems and roads. Question: Do you see that you reduce the impact of the shipping process due to government obligations?

Petros (sil) is dedicated to oil exploration and production. It also has a sales network with stations across the country.

Benefits: Strong investment in the country, embodies the essence of trust, creates jobs, maintains social investment programs and cares for the environment.

Weaknesses: Leaving the country if you fail the exam.

CARREFOUR (French casino group) Large retail store.

Profession: This is France’s largest investment in Coloma, which will acquire a majority stake in Almacenes xito, believing in the country’s economic stability. He was the largest employee in Coloma and bought most of the state’s revenue.

Weaknesses: Like multinational companies, most of the profits go to the outside parent company.





Advantage: work etc.

Disadvantages: Environmental degradation, exploitation of hands or calamine

Transnacionales Que Invierten En Colombia


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