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Unob Aut – Read To Know All Details Inside Here!

In this Unob Aut post, we will discuss the list of unobtainable stands in A Universal Time Roblox.

Do you like collecting Stands in A Universal Time Roblox game? In this post, you will learn about unobtainable stands and much more related to Stands in A Universal Time game. This game is very popular in the Philippines, the United States, Canada and many other countries.

It is an action and adventure game that is inspired by many TV series, anime and films. The game has an exciting storyline, graphics and features, and one of the important features is Stand, which gives you additional abilities. Unobtainable Stands are usually called Unob by gamers. Let us know more about Unob Aut further in this post.

What are Stands in A Universal Time?

Before diving into the unobtainable stands, let us discuss Stands in brief. As we all know, the game is mainly based on JoJo’s Bizarre adventure in which Stands are manifested physically by your psychological energy.

Stands have almost the same concept in the game. The stands fight beside you and give you many exciting additional abilities to use. You can obtain these Stands by doing certain tasks or simply trading them with someone else, but some stands can’t be traded or obtained. Let us see more about Unobtainable Stands.

List of Unob Aut 

Mostly Unobtainable Stands are removed from the game. Below is the list of Stands that you cannot obtain; however, you can trade most of these stands:

  • Cake Platinum – It is a B-tier unobtainable stand. Previously you can obtain it with a celebration diary on Standless.
  • Creeper Queen – Previously, it was obtainable using Holy Diary on Killer Queen.
  • Noob Platinum – It is S tier unobtainable Stand previously you can obtain it with nub diary on standless.
  • Angelic Platinum – Previously, you can obtain it by DIO’s Diary on Galaxy Annihilator.
  • King Crimson Requiem – It is an A+ tier Unob Aut Stand which could previously obtain using king Crimson on Requiem.
  • Virtual Killer Queen – Previously, it could be obtained using Creeper Queen on Duality.
  • Cypher (Steve Platinum)- It is an A-tier unobtainable Stand. Previously it can be obtained using Creeper Queen on Holy Diary.
  • Shadow Legs – It is a B-tier unobtainable Stand. Previously it can be obtained using Gift from the Gods on Shadow The World.
  • Diego The World High Voltage – Previously, it can be obtained using The World High Voltage on Cosmic Orb.

These are all of the known Unob AutYou cannot obtain these Stands, but you can trade. However, if any of them trade is locked, it can’t also be traded.

The Final Verdict

Many gamers are trying different techniques to obtain the unobtainable Stands in the game, but it is not entirely safe as it is not official. If many Stands have been removed, many Stands are added in the game also. Check out here to see the whole Standlist of A Universal Time game. 

Is there any unobtainable Stand that we didn’t mention in this post? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, do share this Unob Aut post to inform others.

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