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The collaboration of two distinct companies of the same niches imparts many effects and followers. In addition, the expectation of players increases due to such alliances. Therefore, this post will inform you about the Sony and Bungie association. 

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Explaining Bungie 

It is a self-governing game developer run by experts to serve better online players. In addition, it mainly unites people through their platform to play and enjoy the game together. Moreover, it was established by Alex Seropian in 1991, during May. 

Starting from the 90s, Bungie released several games for their audience collaborating with other developers. They usually focused on making Mackintosh games during their early stages, but as days passed, it progressed forward with development and creativity. So, let us find the games held by Bungie in the next paragraph. 

Latest Update on Bungie 

Over the Internet, we have seen several reports while researching for ‘What Games Does Bungie Own?’ regarding the purchase of Bungie by Sony. By looking at the matter more deeply, we have detected that Sony will own Bungie after making a recent deal of $3.6 Billion. 

Thus, after this news release, the gaming industry replied essentially, consisting of mixed feedback. So, in the following section, we will focus more on this news to determine what might happen in the future due to this alliance. 

Further Hints 

The associated hints on ‘What Games Does Bungie Own?’ disclosed a YouTube video peeling the would-be plans for Sony after owning Bungie. In addition, the user commented that Sony will take a chance that might benefit it; however, Bungie will remain as a multi-platform studio as earlier. 

In the same lines, Bungie also agreed with the statement and added that it will allow players to enjoy games anywhere and always be independent. According to a source, Destiny 2 will also be available on different platforms. 

The Closing Thoughts 

This article has provided relative threads to What Games Does Bungie Own? In addition, this post included the introduction of Bungie, helping the gamers to know its history in more depth. Also, recent news of the association of Bungie and Sony is popping up on the Internet, so we have also discussed it thoroughly. 

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