Why Did Boris Yeltsin Resign – Know Here!

Why Did Boris Yeltsin Resign

This article will help you learn more about why Boris Yeltsin resigned and why he resigned.

Have you ever considered Yeltsin’s resignation? What is the reason for his resignation? In this article, I will share about Yeltsin’s resignation, which was a major issue for the United States and the United Kingdom.

According to Yeltsin, he did not resign because of health problems, but because of citizens’ problems because he apologized to Russian citizens. Find out why Boris Joelton resigned.

Reason Behind Boris Yeltsin vacating?

Referendum on March 17, 1991 accepted the presidency of Russia, and Boris Yeltsin was elected the first president of Russia in the presidential elections on June 12, 1991.

There was the emergence of a currency that replaced the Soviet ruble of the Soviet Union, less secure oil, increased public debt. Therefore, it harmed not only Russia but also other post-Soviet countries. He resigned six months before his term ended and shocked the country.

Why Boris Resigned?

During his tenure, he undertook various plans to completely transform Russia’s command economy into a market economy. This included economic shock therapy and nationwide privatization, leading to a recession in which many vice presidents, including the president, criticized his leadership. Yeltsin reportedly stopped outbreaks outside the Capitol, which brought about a new constitution. He sought to change the economy by waging war with Chechen separatists. His second government supported loans, including the ruble, which was destroyed by the 1998 financial crisis.

The reason Boris Yeltsin resigned surprised not only the people but also the country. He resigned because he was unpopular with the Russian people.

During Election:

Boris was first elected President of Russia. Despite the help of federal authorities, he was above 57.30. After the election, he fought to protect Russia’s sovereignty within the Soviet Union.

The first decree was about Russia’s educational development measures. Another order has been signed to put an end to the chaotic activities of political parties, social mass movements, and so on. Yeltsin’s resignation did occur after heart attack surgery and many years of political and financial scandals. He enjoyed astonishing his enemies. When discussing why Boris Yeltsin resigned, the answer is that he resigned not because of health problems, but because of public concerns.

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Final Words:

There were many obstacles in Yeltsin’s time. As a result, he appointed Prime Minister Putin and signed a decree guaranteeing Yeltsin protection from prosecution, including family protection and interests. This article is not intended to blame or interfere with anyone. Just add the information online.

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