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www.death_cloth.org Website

Would you like to know about a website that claims to tell us the dates of death? Next, please refer to the following article.

Hey! Uh! Hey! To readers! Did you hear about a website that can check the clock of death? Before that, you should know whether or not the portal is safe to use. And in this article below, what the user says about it.

www.death cloth.org is an online website that claims to predict your death time in a few minutes, commonly used globally, including in India. Are you curious to find out more, and then stay with us until the end, please?

Note: The real ability to search is at https://www.death-clock.org/.

About www.death_cloth.org Website

It’s a 2005-07-06 website, an ancient portal that claims to accurately predict the time of death for those who are curious to know when they will die.

Based on where you live, your lifestyle, how much smoke and alcohol you are addicted to and BMI number, the advance expectation calculator tells death time.

How to check the death clock of one?

  • Make sure the internet is connected to you.
  • Go to the official website, www.death cloth.org.
  • In the specific block, type your date of birth and gender.
  • If you smoke, tick the ‘Yes’ button.
  • Pick your BMI, such as <25, <26, etc. There is also a part of the BMI calculation, which is explained later at the end of this section.
  • Select your outlook, such as optimistic, neutral, pessimistic, or suicidal.
  • Select the name of your country.
  • To check your death clock, submit the input data, because the website claims to give you a predicted time of death.

How To calculate your BMI?

You’ll find a BMI calculator in the same section below.

  • Your weight is entered here in KG or Pounds.
  • Enter your height in the block, as well.
  • On the “calculate” button, hit.

What Information Asked www.death_cloth.org Website?

In this website following information asked form users:

  • Date Of Birth
  • Your Gender
  • Smoke description
  • Country
  • BMI
  • Country Name

This Website does not ask personal questions and no user information saved to keep user safe. That’s why, no user comments and reviews were found.

Is www.death_cloth.org Website Legit?

The domain age of the website is 2005-07-06, as per the study, which is very old and active in social media outlets. We obtained mixed user opinions on the website as well as on its Facebook page from the user reviews.

We suggest further research from your end, even though it is an old site, and take this as entertainment because nobody can predict death time, which has a negative impact on the minds of people.

Users Reviews

As stated above, this website is actively involved in social media, where answers from many users have been obtained. Some customers are happy to use the website and say it’s fun; I’m going to try it out.

While some reviews of the www.death cloth.org website say that it is false, please don’t use it. One of the interesting comments we have received is that one Indian user tried to check the death date of a famous celebrity, but the predicted death date is incorrect because the individual is still happily alive.

On its official website, we have also received some answers from the users, and those are mixed.

Wrap Up

It is an entertainment portal that, by simply placing some data, claims to tell your death date. Please refer to the information given above. We suggest that you take it as fun, trust yourself, and enjoy every moment of your life.

The www.death_cloth.org website seems to be a platform that uses people’s info to generate the result detailing the date of their death.

As everyone already knows, predicting this type of info is not possible. Yet many people check out this website and similar sites to quench their curiosity.

Have you made use of the website www.death cloth.org? Is that authentic? By commenting in the section below, please share your point of view about the site.

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