Yummy Beauty Store Reviews {April} – Order Or Not!

Yummy Beauty Store Reviews {April} – Order Or Not! >> Get the answers to all the queries about this online store. Read before placing any order!

Every girl child and women care about their beauty, and for it, they need products to glow more every day. Is your beauty lost somewhere over time, then not to worry now go with yummy beauty store as they provide the beauty products which glorify your fairness and maintain your beauty.

In the United States, this online store is getting massive popularity. It is providing every kind of beauty products. In this post, we will share our analysis about this online store based on several yummy beauty store reviews given by its customers.

What is yum beauty?

It is an online beauty store selling a variety of products of different brands. With this, they also sell sample products which can be shopped all day at any time. Yummybeautystore sells a variety of products from highlighter to mascara to lip glow to perfume set with a fantastic discount at all price tags.

The best deal is the sample make up they provide are all free it’s just the customer has to pay online for the shipping charges. With the eye-catchy images of products, it makes customers helpless to buy the products. If you want yum beauty samples for makeup, then you can order it without tension as they are free of cost and with just paying for shipping only.

But the thing to think is whether it isa legit or scam? As no ecommerce online store provides makeup sample free with just shipping charges, butnot to worry now below article provides a proper review about yummy beauty store.

Features of Yum Beauty Store

  • Customers can shop 24hrs sample makeup.
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Provide great offers with the one-lifetime deal.
  • Provides Quick and secure delivery
  • With a huge discount, you can save massive money
  • Satisfaction guarantee.

Benefits of Yum Beauty Store

Provide original products in sample makeup too.

24 hrs sample make up sale goes on.

How Can You Buy?

By visiting official website, you will get its official site from where you have to create an account by logging in. On the very first page on the website, the sample makeup sale goes on for 24 hrs where they sell a sample of new products free.

By logging in, you will set an email address and password for your account, and then by stalking all the product items, you can fill your cart happily. But there is no option pay on delivery you have to make payment online with you cards.

They provide delivery between 3-7 days of working, but for express delivery, they charge you more amount.

Is Yummy Beauty Store Scam?

Before buying anything, whether it is beauty products, the customer should check deeply about the site, its reviews, its popularity, and much more. Its website doesn’t have anything such as about us page, contact details. Even the site doesn’t use SSL, which means it is all a scam website. Just by selling products at less price tags, they are just making fools to customers.

Also, the company is using two identical e-stores with the name yummybeautystore.com and yumbeauty.com for running their business.

The address they have added is also cannot be located on the map.

These two different sites have different logos with different URL, which is a sign of a scam.

Customer Reviews

Few of the yum beauty reviews given by its customers are;

Lindane said when she tried to review or ask any questions regarding products, she couldn’t find the comment or feedback section. It all showed that by dropping the price at such a rate, they are just making fool to customers.

Emlysaid, when I studied about yummy beauty store at yum beauty review, I saw that why there are two different site names, and when I opened both the sites, they were all different. They created a false web for customers to steel their privacy and do fraud.

Final Verdict

It has been noticed that yummy beauty store has been mentioned as a scam by few customers and they claim it has been created to make fraud, and its all scam as by providing eye-catchy images with a considerable discount, no company wants to get in the loss.

Well, we left the decision of order products from this store, completely on you.

It is highly recommended for customers before buying online products they should check is website scams or not, or it is legit. Then they should also check out reviews, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and all the essential things when you provide your personal information to any e-commerce store.

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