Zippi Sweeper Reviews – Must Read This Before Buying!

Zippi Sweeper Reviews

Are you cleaning your house too? Do you also use a wet cloth to clean the dirt? Are you too tired to weigh vacuum cleaners? Zippy Sweeper is a product that helps you clean up the mess in your home. Zippy sweepers are longer than normal sweepers.

We advised all buyers before buying please read Zippi Sweeper Reviews.

What Is Zippi Sweeper?

Zippo Sweeper is a rechargeable sweeper. And it has 360 cleaning features. This sweeper is lighter than a normal sweeper.

Zippy Sweeper has the ability to clean hardwood floors and carpets in any way. It cleans dirt, dust, and fallen hairs, pieces of glass in a good way and also cleans dry dirt.

Zippy Sweeper uses advanced technology triangular brushes. Each side of this triangle contains brushes.

Every brush spins fastly on dirty space and cleans the surface completely. According to Zippi Reviews, we know that Zippi Vaccum has a dust tray that is opened by pressing a button.

Heavy Vaccum cleaners can miss the dust on the sides of the surface. But Zippi Sweeper contains that type of brush that cleans the surface completely.

How To Use Zippi Sweeper?

Press the Switch ON Button on Zippi Sweeper.

Move Zippi Sweeper on that surface that you want to clean.

After cleaning the surface empties the dustbin of the Zippi Sweeper.

Specifications Of Zippi Sweeper

  • Website URL:
  • Price: The cost of Zippi Sweeper is $89.99
  • Shipping Charges: $74.99 will be charged extra on shipping.
  • Return Policy: The product can be returned within 30 days.
  • Wight Of Zippi Sweeper: 3.1 Pounds
  • Manufacturing Company: Intersell Ventures LLC
  • Brand Name: Zippi Sweeper


  • Zippi Sweeper is the best product for home cleaning
  • It works for 30 minutes on every charge. That is enough for home cleaning.


  • According to Zippi reviews, We know that this is not a vacuum cleaner.
  • Zippi Sweeper can’t hold a large amount of dust.
  • This is not useful for liquids cleaning.

About Zippi Brand

  1. Zippi Sweeper manufactures by Intersell Ventures LLC.
  2. Intersell Ventures LLC is a more than fourteen years old company which is made different variety of best products.
  3. The official Website of this brand is
  4. The trust score of is Just 60%.
  5. Registration of Getzippi will be expired on July 2022.

Customer Reviews

According to our research, We got mixed reviews from Youtube and also 560 reviews on its official website. The rating of this product is 4.5 stars. and are not active on social media. That’s why we got zero reviews on social media.

Final Words is a website that sells Zippi Sweeper for cleaning. After researching from end to end we have got some mixed positive and negative reviews. That’s why we advised buyers to be extremely careful by making any kind of purchase from this website.

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