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Zitkala-Sa Age

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Zitkala-sa, also known as Simmons Bonnin Gertrude. She was a writer and editor of Yankton Dakota, a political activist, a translator, a musician, and was born on February 22, 1876.

She wrote several works on how her cultural identity struggled with her. She was an influential Native American activist because of her activities. Sun Dance Opera, Old Indian Legends, American Indian stories, etc. are some of her works. Around the 20th century, all of this took place.

She wrote songs for the Sun Dance Opera, the first Indian Opera, and a libretto while collaborating with the American musician William F. Hanson. She was the co-founder of the National Council of Indians of America in 1926. The native Indians and their rights and their own culture and heritage have contributed to the Zitkala-sa Era. She has her contributions to the literary work as well.

Contributions of Zitkala-sa

  • The first American Indian opera was co-composed by her.
  • She was the founding member of the American Indians’ National Council.
  • She published a selection, as well as autobiographical accounts, of Native American cultures.
  • Wrote political works as well.
  • She was an activist in politics.
  • She was renowned as one of the 20th century’s most influential activists.

Zitkala-sa Age:

In her youth, Zitkala-sa turned the challenges she faced into pieces of work. It forced the world to look at her suffering and the hardship that any other person had to suffer while maintaining their culture and heritage. She wrote a book called School Days of an Indian Girl, based on her experience at the White School.

We can see in that book how they were bound to adhere to the prevailing existence of white culture. Zitkala-sa Age has written several pieces of literature about her emotional connection to the Indian people’s opposition. In her short stories, she took a dig at the faith of Christians.

Her writings revealed the prevailing laws of the white government, how they had been indorsed by religion, and how the school regarded her as an uncivilized foreign citizen.

Wrap Up

Zitkala-sa was a great writer who stood against white rule and did her best to protect her culture and heritage, as well as a great activist and influencer. She brought up all the unjust justice of white people in her short stories and novels. How they have been robbed of justice and how they have been regarded as strangers. All her writings are, in the form of words, her real-life experiences.

She wrote not just about her experiences, but also about the experiences of others. How in school they were treated and how they were imposed by the white rule and Christianity.

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